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Alan Jackson Delivers Definitive Hits Package, 34 Number Ones, on November 23!

37-Track Collection Features 34 #1 Hits, 2 Rare Tracks, and the New Single, “As She’s Walking Away,” with Zac Brown Band Featuring Alan Jackson.

Alan Jackson’s hard hat and a hammer video shot on location with working men and women of america

“God bless the working man,” sings Alan Jackson in Hard Hat and a Hammer, the latest hit single from his acclaimed FREIGHT TRAIN album.

Alan Jackson’s ‘it’s just that way’ video debuts next monday

“It’s Just That Way”, the first video from Alan Jackson’s March 30th album FREIGHT TRAIN, will make its world premier Monday, February 22.

Cracker Barrel announces – the Alan Jackson Collection

The Alan Jackson Collection includes complete lifestyle product line as well as exclusive CD.

Alan Jackson “I still like Bologna” video debuts this week

Itty Bitty AJs & Denises relive old times on new video.

Fans stood in the rain just for Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson performs for 20,000 fans who stood in the rain for 9 hours to see him perform in Bergen, Norway August 15, 2009.

Alan Jackson draws over 4,000 boats and 35,000 fans to aquapalooza on lake martin, Alabama

Alan Jackson aquapalooza live on lake martin to air on cmt labor day weekend.

Alan Jackson’s aquapalooza lake show will feature promising newcomers as opening acts

You don’t need a ticket, you just need a boat!
3,000 boats expected for lake martin, alabama ‘raft up.

Alan Jackson to receive star on Hollywood walk of fame

Counry Boy” is performance of the year at cmt awards:
“I really admire him,” says Paisley
Jackson kicked off his 20th anniversary celebration with packed cadillac ranch show.

Alan Jackson – 20 years of real country

Industry & fans come out to honor Alan Jackson for 20 years of real country music. Celebration and performance free to fans on june 10 at the cadillac ranch in Nashville, TN. Jackson’s current single “sissy’s song” is his 50th top 10 hit.

Life is better than ever for Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson named his new album Good Time, which is also an apt description for this time in his life.
The lanky, mustachioed country superstar’s latest album debuted this week at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 and country albums charts, his fourth release to do so.

Spin control

Alan Jackson, “Good Time”
History books often explain that country music is about Saturday night and Sunday morning. It’s about lust as well as faith. On his new album, Alan Jackson addresses matters of the heart, the soul and the loins.

A Country Music Veteran Proves He’s No Mere Hat Act

ALAN JACKSON, one of this era’s most successful country singers, spent a recent Thursday night at the mall. To be more precise, in a theater inside the upscale shopping complex called the Factory, just south of Nashville in Franklin, Tenn.