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FONSECA returns stronger than ever in 2008. After getting countless successes with his previous album “Corazon”, since last January was devoted to recording the best compositions of recent years. GRATITUD was born this way, the third album from this talented and charismatic Colombian singer / songwriter.

Fonseca worked on the new album with the help of producer Bernardo Ossa, who had already worked in his pass album Corazon. He recorded the album in Bogota, Medellin and Miami, with the participation of great musicians and engineers. In the 10 songs and 3 bonus tracks included in the album, is reflected the essence of Fonseca; an essence that reflects the autobiographical nature of his compositions. The combination of tropical rhythms with an urban sound that gets from the city he was born, Bogotá, far from the sea 28 years ago. Fonseca's talent is saturated with different styles as pure vallenato, through pop, rock, lounge and disco in a proper fusion. At the same time manages a permanent duality in his lyrics that range from deep melancholy to the joy and exaltation of the party. Now more than ever Fonseca touches each feeling with Gratitud, an album to dance, sing and feel. A record that tastes like the sea, album that sounds like the sounds of the street, it represents the flavor of Fonseca.

The first single of Gratitud is ENRÉDAME which is a success in radio in many countries. Also songs such as Paraíso from the soundtrack of the movie Paraiso Travel and Alma, from the main theme of Televisa’s Mexican soup opera Alma de Hierro.

With the release of his third album, Fonseca hopes to continue conquering territories and hopes to continue getting awards as it has been doing until now, efforts that have achieved him to win the Latin Grammy awards, Billboard, Lo Nuestro and Latin MTV among others.

Gratitud is the way of this talented singer-songwriter to thank the people for life and fortune it has had in recent times. While Gratitud is dedicated to the freedom of all hostages in Colombia, message that Fonseca will continue to give during all of his concerts around the world until the seizure no longer exists.

AWARDS Latin Grammy 2006

Best Tropical Song – Te Mando Flores
Billboard 2007
Best Tropical Album – Corazón
MTV 2006
Best New Artist – Fonseca
Premio Lo Nuestro 2007
Best New Artist
Premios Shock
Best New Artist (2003)
Best Song
Best Male Artist (2005)
Best Artist (2007)
Album of the Year (2007)
Premios Nuestra Tierra
Best Song of the Year (Te Mando Flores)
Best Artist of the Year
Album of the Year (Corazón)
Best Tropical Pop Performance
Best Tropical Pop Artist