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“We need positive messages in music right now.  I want to inspire others, especially young girls, to know that the rest of their lives start right now!” -Agina


This is the first track from her 2009 album debut for Ruthless Records. The album is in Spanish and is produced by José Quintana.

When legendary Grammy winning producer José Quintana (Maná and Juan Gabriel) played Agina’s demos for Maná guitarist Sergio Vallín, Vallín fell in love with her sound and suggested she record his song.  He contributed guitar and background vocals to the song and said, “out of all the musicians that I have met around the world, Agina has impressed me with her tone of voice, humbleness and simplicity.”  The admiration is mutual, says Agina, “He is so humble, sweet and talented.  One of my favorite musicians.”


19 year old Agina is a California girl.  Born and raised in Southern California in a very Mexican American household, she moved from San Diego when she was very young, and has lived in Riverside/San Bernardino and L.A. with her family ever since.

Agina’s mother is a voice and piano teacher who realized her baby girl would go into the family business when she heard her humming in tune to the fire engines that would pass the house.  At three years old, Agina was singing along with Whitney Houston on the radio and her mother’s clients in the living room.  At five she confidently hit the talent contest circuit.

At 8 she performed on Sabado Gigante.  At 9 she won Showtime at the Apollo, the long running TV showcase program and was accepted into Jackie Jackson’s (one of the Jackson 5) “Tomorrow Starts Today entertainment boot camp. She also appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the Jerry Lewis Telethon and Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star.

In her teens, Agina performed all over the country with her high school choir and in professional musical productions, such as the prestigious Doolittle Theatre’s SELENA, A MUSICAL CELEBRATION OF LIFE.  She also dabbled in television where she has had recurring roles on the Brothers Garcia, Crossing Jordan and the Young and The Restless.

But it is music that gives Agina the most satisfaction and it’s where she is devoting all her energies.  Even as she has recorded a new album and has hit the road to promote the first single, she continues to study jazz piano theory and develop her voice.